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Through Our Stories We are Forever

Your Written Stories Matter!
A photo or your name on a Family Tree will tell future generations you were here.
Your stories will tell them who you were. 

Services and Products

Family history, Stories, Memoirs


Your family history, stories, dreams, accomplishments; precious memories and selected photos creatively presented in a  soft cover binding to hand down to future generations.

An Heirloom Book

Your family history, stories, dreams, accomplishments; precious memories and selected photos creatively presented in a hard cover binding to hand down to future generations.

corporate\business history

The story of your company’s journey speaks to the challenges faced, the values held, risks taken, and accomplishments celebrated. It provides understanding of decisions made at specific times and in specific circumstances that will inspire future generations of employees to embrace new ideas, techniques, and leadership roles.

Your history can engage and inspire customers, stockholders and the public. Marketing     endeavors that incorporate aspects of your history may well result in current and prospective customers choosing to do business with you.

Do not doubt for a moment that your company’s history is important and intriguing to others.  Passing your stories down will create in them awareness of what it took and give them a reason to appreciate what you do, who you are and why it is important to build a dream.


A legacy letter is your opportunity to express to loved ones all you would want to say if you      were suddenly not here. You may want to tell of what you have learned, accomplished, believe in and value, and what thoughts you would want to pass on to them. Most of all it is a way to express your love and devotion to your family and friends that is deeply personal. I can guide you through this thought process, then preserve your thoughts in writing.


pet adventures and tributes

Through photos, written stories and live video your pet’s time with you at home, outdoors, traveling and playing can be beautifully recorded.

Using you own photos and stories, we can create a Tribute Book filled with those special memories of your pet with you, friends and family.

special projects

Remembrance books for any occasion:

  • Your children’s birthdays, special events, and performances, and so much more
  • An anniversary, an engagement or wedding
  • A once in a lifetime trip
  • A tribute to Mom, Dad, Grandparents and other special people in your life


photo and video
  • Digitizing family photos
  • Filmed family interviews
  • Photo restoration
  •  Video and Slide Conversion
  • Family Portraits
  • Pet Photos
  • and more…

Your Why

Through our stories, we are forever

There is no beginning or end to our personal life stories. They began long before we arrived as newborns and continue long after we are gone.  That is the nature of life. 

Growing up you might well have heard the stories of your grandparents raising your parents, the great depression or of great migrations of people with almost nothing but a desire to create a better life for their family.  You were already in their future. What stories will your future generations tell of you? 

Why preserving your memories, stories, thoughts and achievements matters

We are all story tellers. Past generations of our family members talked of where they came from, how they lived, worked, cooked, celebrated, shared their beliefs and passes down their traditions.  The stories are retold as each new generation arrives, and new stories abound.

We tell the stories of experiences growing up, our holiday traditions, our high school sweetheart, and the jokes that were told over and over at family gatherings, when everyone would chime in on the punchline, and always laugh.

We tell the stories of hardships, tragedies, and losses. Stories of weddings and the births of children; stories fueled with great love, and sometimes with great longing.

Our stories pass down life values, beliefs, dreams, and experiences that guide us now and may well teach and inspire future generations.

We live in a time when we can preserve our stories, special moments and photos not only in a custom designed book, but also as audio CD so voices will always be remembered. 

Envision a video of our interviews with your family members, as your history, stories, and treasured memories are shared and recorded. Photos are chosen and if desired, beautifully restored. All are creatively weaved into a novel-like manuscript that can be uniquely bound with a personalized cover.

My purpose and my passion are to give you something uniquely your own to read, to remember, to keep, and to pass down to the generations to come.

I am ready to listen and make your stories come alive for always and ever.



Your Team

Susan Valentine

Personal Historian

I am a baby boomer who, since around 12 years old, has had a penchant for writing.

For the past 10 years I have been a freelance content writer, and a ghost writer for numerous clients and associations. It has been a joy to interview and write for people of all ages on various topics ranging from philanthropy to the latest business trends.

Two years ago, I created a study called: The American Family Business: Future Unknown. I had the privilege of interviewing many of our American family business owners and family members across the New York Metro Area.

 Most of the business owners I interviewed were Baby Boomers, and on several wonderful occasions, I was able to interview their parents as well. I had honor of writing their histories and their stories. Many of these family businesses go back to the mid 1800’s, and today their 6th generation is at the helm.

I learned of their humble beginnings, their hardships, challenges, victories and achievements throughout the years, and was able to create for them not only a book that would be handed down to future generations, but also videos of their operations today.

This unique experience inspired me to become a Personal Historian

Our Creative Process

We start with a free one-hour consultation with all your family members who wish to participate. This is our “get to know each other” time, to discover which services you are interested in and how you envision your project. If it is to be a book, what stories, memories, photos and thoughts do you want to pass down to future generations? 

Are you considering audio recordings of children? Pet videos?

We can explore all of your wishes and expectations and then determine how many hours of interviews it may take to make them a reality. Within a week we will send you a proposal outlining an anticipated timeline, from the interviews to the finished product, and the estimated costs.

The actual interviews will be recorded and transcribed and depending on the nature of your project and will be creatively woven into an engaging written narrative, a video or an audio CD. Your information throughout the process will be kept private and secure, and you will have full control over what material goes into the final product.

Pricing Overview

Each of our services are customized for your unique project.  For written memoirs, much depends on the number of interviews we will need to conduct, the length of the manuscript, as well as the photos that need to be scanned and whether they will require restoration.

If you wish to have the manuscript in a custom designed hard cover book format we will discuss the nature of the design and number of copies you may want.  We will work with you as much as possible to design a project to meet your budget and wishes.

Your Photos Restored

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